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Recipe for Retirement

Add this one ingredient for a better outcome.

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Dec 19, 2019

Taste and preference aside, a worry-free retirement is slowly built from three key ingredients:  

1.     A well-paying job 

2.     Low debt 

3.     A disciplined savings strategy 

Sounds simple but here’s the catch. In most industries, a well-paying job requires an education. Education’s expensive, so these days almost 60% of young people must rely on student loans to get the education that will land them the well-paying job. And then, that same student debt will interfere with their ability to implement a disciplined savings strategy.

We can end this vicious cycle with a simple addition to the recipe:

4.    Student loan debt relief

By incorporating student loan benefits into the mix, student loans are paid off sooner and paid off for less. This makes saving for retirement possible for younger workers and clears a path for their long-term financial growth.

One simple ingredient can turn a recipe on its head. This one turns the recipe right side up and can bring about workplace enhancements employers strive for, like

  • improved morale

  • increased productivity

  • greater loyalty

  • improved retention

  • enhanced culture

We can show you how to make this recipe work for your employees. They will be happy you did. Reach out today [email protected]