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How It Works

Smart for Employers

As Millennials and newly arrived, Gen Z, are poised to become the largest demographic group in the workplace, growing numbers of these workers and job seekers are financially constrained and stressed out by their student loan obligations. The Smart Benefit™ is both a way for employers to help the people who work for them and the means to entice new employees to join the team. Employer assistance via The Smart Benefit™ will resonate with new recruits. And current employees still repaying student loans, they’ll like it too.

A Fresh Take on Group Savings

At the heart of The Smart Benefit™ is a workplace savings plan where employer and employee are making contributions. For employees repaying student loans, The Smart Benefit™ allows the employer contribution to be applied as an extra student loan payment each month. Repurposing employer contributions to accelerate student loan repayment means the student loan will cost less and take less time to repay. Adapting the workplace savings plan to proactively solve other issues increases its value. Funding The Smart Benefit™ with preexisting savings plan contributions is pure genius.

The Small Price of Potential

The Smart Benefit™ is a low maintenance, low cost service powerful enough to affect positive change in the workplace. From employee morale to your bottom line, employer assisted student loan repayment is the missing link. Ask an employee with student loans, they’ll tell you.