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How It Works

Help with your debt

The Smart Benefitâ„¢ helps put student loans behind you. This new employee benefit means your employer will help you repay your student loans. Repayment help from your employer means you are debt free sooner. And debt free feels good.

Simple and effective

The Smart Benefitâ„¢ happens inside a workplace savings plan. While your employer makes extra student loan payments, your portion goes towards your long-term savings. Getting an early start to retirement saving is one of the best ways to maximize returns and generate the best possible financial outcome. The Smart Benefitâ„¢ makes this possible, even with student loans.

Saves you money

With your employer making extra student loan payments on your behalf, loan repayment is accelerated. Accelerating repayment lowers the cost of the student loan, saving you both money and time.