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How It Works

Smart for Employees

Early career debt elimination, about as enticing as your required student loan payment. And it’s the premise behind The Smart Benefit™ - get rid of student debt as soon as possible so you can get on with the rest of your life. The Smart Benefit™ is both an employee benefit provided by your employer as well as a debt reduction strategy meant to help the evergrowing number of workers repaying student loans. It will take less time and cost less to pay back your student loans when your workplace offers The Smart Benefit™ so limber up, you’re going to have some choices to make.

When Saving is Paying

We treat the workplace savings plan – specifically the employer contributions into that plan - in an entirely new and innovative way for the benefit of employees repaying student loans. The Smart Benefit™ takes employer contributions and turns them into an extra monthly payment toward your outstanding student debt. This extra amount added to your required student loan payment on a monthly basis shortens payback time and lowers the cost of the loan, it’s that simple.

Future You

When student debt is cleared ahead of schedule and employer contributions are returned to accumulate in the savings plan, The Smart Benefit™ will have done its job – helped employees with student debt achieve the financial future they dream of.